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Zionsville, IN – Win the Bidding War

couple kitchenThe Zionsville, IN real estate market will soon back in full swing with fall just around the corner. If you are anxiously waiting to find the perfect Zionsville, IN home and to make an offer you may soon find yourself in the middle of a bidding war. To compete in a bidding war, home buyers need to prepare financially for the home purchase, know the property values in their target neighborhood, and know exactly what they want. Most importantly you need to be ready to act right away, should your perfect Zionsville, IN home come on the market. Here are some tips to increase your chances of making the winning offer in a bidding war for the home of your dreams.

Get everything financial all in order. Don’t wait till you are already looking to start talking to a mortgage lender. Know who you will use, what you can afford, what rates you can get, and get that signed pre-approval letter before seriously looking at homes. If you are a cash buyer have it ready to move and the paperwork to prove it.

Make a fast, personalized offer. Have your Zionsville, IN real estate agents tour you through homes the day they come on the market. With this strategy, you may be first in line for offers. Your agent can also work with the other agent to see what is motivating the sellers. Maybe it is all about the numbers, or maybe flexibility is more important to them, such as a quick closing or rent-back options. Making it as easy as possible on the sellers could make your offer chosen above the others.

Be ready to act quick. Be ready to move, not only on that offer, but, to also have your inspector on alert and ready to view the home as soon as the sellers allow. Quickness also applies to contingencies. Most certainly do not add any contingencies about needing to sell your home first if you expect a bidding war. A stronger offer would also not include home inspection, financing or appraisal contingencies, but, understandably these contingencies do protect buyers and it is hard to give up that protection.

And above all, make sure you are working with a qualified professional! Contact Zionsville, IN real estate agents who have the experience to help you compose the perfect offer to get that home of your dreams! We cannot wait to earn your business!

Rodney & Amanda Heard
Heard Real Estate Team

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