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Zionsville, IN – Tips for Moving

moving boxesLeaving an old community can be difficult – on top of moving your possessions, selling your home, and saying goodbye to old friends, it can be hard to remember the things you need to do in order to set up your new life. Now that you bought a home in Zionsville, IN there are several things you will need to do complete your moving checklist. To make things easier, make a checklist and follow our handy guide to make your move to Zionsville, IN smoother.

Bank. Check to see if your bank has a branch nearby, if not you will need to switch over to a new bank in your new town. Don’t forget to grab anything you have in your old safety deposit box, as well!

Medical Needs. If you can, have your current doctor call in any prescriptions to a pharmacy in Zionsville, IN. This will give you time to pick out the right doctor for you without having to rush, due to prescription refills.

Raid the Kitchen. About a month before your move be sure to start using up any frozen goods and pantry items. Unless your move to Zionsville, IN is a short one you likely don’t want to be moving food items.

Don’t Forget the Car. Make sure you get the car a good tune up prior to your move, should you be traveling far to your new home.

Final Closure. Moving can be tough on the whole family, should you be moving far from your old hometown. Ensure that the whole family has enough time for good-byes to friends and visits to favorite spots before your big move. A snapshot in front of your old home and your new home will be treasured by the whole family.

We hope that these tips will help out with your Zionsville, IN move. As Zionsville, IN real estate agents, we would be happy to help should you be considering a move to Zionsville, IN. Please reach out if you need any assistance! Spring market is here and now is the perfect time to buy!

Rodney & Amanda Heard
Heard Real Estate Team

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