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Selling your Fishers, IN Home

paint canWhen potential buyers drive up to your Fishers, IN home they are full of hope and try to imagine themselves in your home. They think “Could this be my home?”. If the exterior of your home happens to not be in its tip top shape then it is likely that your potential buyer has now decided that they don’t want your home. The exterior tells them that the interior might have the same ill-repair. So, if you are trying to sell your Fishers, IN home and aren’t having luck, where have you gone wrong?

Ignoring curb appeal. Your home’s appearance from the outside is the proverbial first impression. It must be inviting, well-maintained, and manicured. If not, you might lose the attention of your buyers before they even open the front door.

The ‘lived-in’ look. Prospective buyers don’t want to see your clutter. It is distracting and makes it hard for them to picture themselves in your home. When you are selling, keep a tidy home and depersonalize it by removing family photos and knickknacks. Ideally you would also freshen up the paint trim and any walls that need it.

Let odors linger. If you smoke or have pets your home likely has an odor – even if you don’t notice it. A good steam cleaning of the rugs and washing of any curtains or shades will help remove the pet smell or smoke smell. You may need to sprinkle baking soda on the carpet prior to vacuuming to help remove odors or if it’s bad enough, replace the rugs/carpeting. If you have a litter box, ensure it is out of sight and is being cleaned daily.

If you aren’t having much luck selling your home in Fishers, IN, we’d love to help you. Please contact a Fishers, IN real estate agent when you are ready to start the process. We hope to speak with you soon and to earn your business!

Rodney & Amanda Heard
Heard Real Estate Team

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