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Indianapolis, IN – House Hunting with Kids

family with dogCongrats! You’re in the market for a new house in Indianapolis, IN. After searching online for the best homes in Indianapolis, IN and narrowing down your list, you’re ready to start actually going to some prospective homes. Before you go property-hopping, though, there are some pint-size participants to consider: your kids. We all know home buying is a complex and sometimes overwhelming process, especially for children. Here are tips to help survive the house-hunting process with your family while keeping your sanity fully intact.

Whenever possible, don’t bring the kids. Parents might not like to hear it, but most real estate agents agree that its best if kids, especially the 9-and-under crowd, are left at home during showings. They can be a distraction and keep you from fully seeing the new home. You may spend more time watching your kids than looking at the house.

But if they must come, keep them busy. If child care options are scarce and you’re in a time crunch, keep them as busy as possible so you and your spouse can focus on the task at hand. Walking through owner-occupied homes where young kids live can be incredibly distracting for your own children, who will likely be fighting the urge to dig into their toys. Help them fight this temptation by coming well-equipped with their favorite games and activities.

Maximize your time at each showing. Plan on spending 10 to 15 minutes at each property. If you’ve come prepared with the aforementioned diversions, you’ll get in and out with minimal meltdowns and distractions. If you walk into a property and know right away that you don’t love it, speak up so you can all move on to the next listing. You don’t want to waste time when your kids are in tow.

Build the excitement for them. Once you’ve chosen the right home, sit down with your kids (depending on their ages) and explain what they can expect in the weeks ahead. It’s best that kids of all ages know what to expect so you can calm their nerves. Also make sure you talk through the moving process with them as well.

If you are still searching for that perfect Indianapolis, IN home, let a local expert help you out. Buying a home is an exciting and complex adventure. We pride ourselves in being local experts and would love to help you get acquainted with our city. Contact an Indianapolis, IN real estate agent when you are ready!

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