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Indianapolis, IN – Home Projects to Boost Home Value

homeimprovIf you are looking to boost the sale price of your Indianapolis, IN home or if you simply want it to look its best while you live in it, you should look towards home improvement. Not just any home improvement will do, though. Not all home improvement projects can offer you return on investment (ROI), but, there are several that could make you your money back or help you to boost it’s appeal. Luckily not all home improvements are too costly. There are several options under $1000 that can still net you a ROI at the closing table or help you get it sold quicker.

Water Filtration System. Installing a whole-house filtration system is sure to impress would-be buyers – no more clunky water filtering pitchers or bottled water. It’s pure luxury and will pay off now and when it’s time to sell your Indianapolis, IN home.

Update Fixtures. Update those tired, worn fixtures for a immediate boost to your home’s appeal. Consider not just your lighting but also any hardware and faucets in the bathroom and kitchen.

Reglaze the Bathtub. For just a few hundred dollars you can reglaze your existing bathtub. This is sure to please homebuyers who expect a sparkly clean bathtub.

New Window Coverings. If you home still has old-style aluminum blinds or vertical blinds, its time to replace them. New window coverings modernizes any room and gives it a fresh clean look. You can buy basic wood blinds at a home improvement store or consider plantation shutters.

If you are researching these projects because you want to sell your Indianapolis, IN home, contact an Indianapolis, IN real estate agent. We can look at your home and compare it to other homes on the market in your area to let you know which project can offer you the best return in both money and a quickened sale. We hope to speak with you soon!

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