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Fishers Open House Success Takes a Certain Kind of Luck

Yes—a Fishers listing and a well-shot virtual tour are each important tools in this summer’s real estate marketing. But the low pressure, informal walk-through that an open house allows can be as effective today as it ever was. Your Fishers open house has every possibility of becoming your most direct path to engaging the prospect—­the one who ends up being your buyer. Making that happen takes the kind of ‘luck’ that preparation creates.

Of course, the house will be as thoroughly cleaned as possible. You don’t want to do the job of a contractor, but fixing blemished walls via a few small spot-painting fixes can make the difference in producing a house that looks in top shape; ready for a new owner.

You want your Fishers open house to be ‘open’ in the fullest sense of the word: open to as wide a group of prospective buyers as possible. Do a walkthrough with the object of removing anything that could present a personal or controversial element­­­—political or religious statements that might turn off potential buyers. Since you want visitors to be able to see your house as the place they want to call home, messages that strike a dissonant note run a high risk of being counter-productive.

Less is more when it comes to a successful open house. You know instinctively to clear away as much clutter as possible, but sometimes it’s worth going the extra mile. Do another walkthrough, and room by room, consider rolling up area rugs (bare floors create the feeling of open space) and removing pieces of furniture where you can. You want the house to feel spacious and airy rather than jam-packed with furnishings. If you come away worried that the furniture is overly dated or otherwise unsuitable for showing, it may be worth considering an investment in www.

Summer weather makes it a great time to sell a home. A well-publicized open house in Fishers can be an important selling element. But it’s only one part of the overall marketing effort I offer clients. Call me today for a top-to-bottom discussion of how we can sell your home for top dollar—and quickly!

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