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Fishers, IN – Moving with Kids

happy familyMoving into your new Fishers, IN home can be exciting or stressful, or both. If you are moving with children, you’ll need to consider their feelings during this process too. Depending on their age, the move may be exciting or scary. Here are a few tips to help smooth their transition to your new home.

Communication is key! Keep your child informed of the different steps to moving starting with packing, to moving, and then unpacking. This way, they’ll be prepared for what comes next and it should help ease their fears. If you are selling your Indiana home be sure to explain how that process works so the jumble of house showings doesn’t confuse them. If they are particularly young it helps to explain how you will leave your current home and others will be moving in. Keep it positive to ensure that they are not anxious about this change.

Once it is move in day show them around your new Fishers, IN home. You can turn this into a fun activity by asking where they’d like to put their belongings and furniture in their new room. You can also involve your child in the move by letting them pack a few boxes of their own with special items and toys that will travel with you so they can get involved and unpack those at the new home. It will also allow them to keep track of their most special belongings.

Keeping up with a normal routine is also essential when helping kids transition to a new Fishers, IN home. Keep to your routines as much as possible during the course of the move – it will give your child something familiar to count on. Also, make sure to continue to give your children some alone time with you every day without the jumble of packing or unpacking. It’s easy to get lost in the tasks at hand and breeze through your day. This time, more than ever, they need you to be there for them so don’t forget that precious family time.

Not only will these tips help your child feel more comfortable, it will let him or her know that you’ve considered their feelings during the move. Moving will likely be stressful no matter what, but, taking the time to prepare your child can certainly alleviate much of that stress.

If you’re planning to buy a home in Fishers, IN, We’d be happy to help! Please contact a Fishers, IN real estate agent to find out how to start the buying process. We look forward to hearing from you!

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