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Fishers, IN – Expert Moving Tips

for sale signHas the time come to move out of your Fishers, IN home and into a new home? Have you ever wondered how does a moving expert move? Are they just like everyone else, surrounded by to-do lists, stacks of boxes, and that sweet sense of nostalgia as humdrum routines get performed for the last few times? We’ve asked the experts and here is their do and don’t list for moving out of your Fishers, IN home.

DO plan as far in advance as possible. Generally a month from when you decide to move until moving day is sufficient.

DO leave boxes open for as long as possible so you can group similar items together as you come across them in different parts of the house.

DO use paper towels as padding between breakables. They are inexpensive and can be reused for wiping down surfaces in the new house.

DON’T color coordinate or use a fancy labeling system. Pack like items together as much as possible and label boxes with the contents using a marker.

DON’T pack everything in boxes. Garbage bags for items like blankets and pillows are sufficient and easy to carry. Or even better, use blankets and pillows as padding around breakables in your boxes.

If you are thinking of entering into the Fishers, IN real estate market we’d love to help you sell your home in Fishers, IN. Please contact a Fishers, IN real estate agent when you are ready to start the process. We hope to speak with you soon and to earn your business!


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