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Carmel, IN – Real Estate Tips for 2016

2016The year is coming to a close and it looks as if 2016 will be the year to buy real estate in Carmel, IN. If you are a homeowner, there is good news, the coming year is also shaping up to be a seller’s market. Presuming we are entering an upmarket in 2016, here are some tips from MSN Real Estate for buying and selling real estate in Carmel, IN this coming year.


Don’t over bid – Set a bid ceiling for yourself that is suitable to comparables in the neighborhood and keep yourself from overbidding just to “win”.

Be ready – Be ready with your pre-approval letter before you start looking and have a home inspector waiting in the wings for any immediate property visits.

Be aware – Make sure you do your homework and know any hidden fees associated with buying your Carmel, IN home so you are ready and there are no surprises.


Don’t get greedy – Ensure you are pricing your home appropriately, a Carmel, IN real estate agent can help you come up with the best starting point in price.

Kitchens and bathrooms – If you are able to do a minor upgrade these would be the rooms to focus on. If not, ensure that they are thoroughly cleaned and decluttered and adding some decorative touches like new hardware or lighting will help update the space.

Be ready – Your Carmel, IN home may sell quicker than you are anticipating so ensure you have your prospects and finances lined up.

If you are looking to enter the Carmel, IN real estate market in 2016, please be sure to contact a Carmel, IN real estate agent. We are happy to help you!

Rodney & Amanda Heard
Heard Real Estate Team

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