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Carmel, IN– Common Real Estate Myths Debunked

home search, carmel inIf you are thinking about purchasing a home in Carmel, IN you are likely getting a lot of advice from all sorts of sources: friends, family, and the internet. Although your friends and family have your best interest at heart they may not be fully aware of the current Carmel, IN market. Depending on your internet source you may also receive completely misleading advice. Along with the well-meaning advice, there are a number of myths that circulate about how real estate actually works. Here are several common real estate myths that trip up many would-be homebuyers and sellers.

  1. Set your home price higher than what you expect to get. Unfortunately pricing too high can cause your home to sit on the market longer and could look suspicious to potential buyers.
  2. You can get a better deal as a buyer if you don’t use a real estate agent. This is completely false as the commission is paid by the seller. Not using a Carmel, IN buyers agent will not save you any money.
  3. You can save money selling the home yourself. While some may successfully sell their own home, they need the skills to market the home effectively and negotiate the contract. Not everyone is up to this task.
  4. The market will only go up. Historically the market adjusts and decreasing home values are normal during this time.
  5. You should renovate your kitchen and bathroom before you sell. Many homebuyers would rather renovate to their own tastes so an adjustment in price of the home is more effective than renovating and listing at a higher price.
  6. You’ll earn back what you spend on renovations. There are very few renovations that actually get you back your money at the closing table, specifically a new front door.
  7. All the properties listed in the multiple listing service (MLS) show up online. This is a choice that your agent must select when listing your property. Ensure your agent makes this selection when you list your home.
  8. Open houses sell properties. While it never hurts to have one, a broker’s open house tends to be more useful than a public open house.

When you are ready to buy or sell your Carmel, IN home, contact a Carmel, IN real estate agent. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality service. You deserve to have all the latest market information and the very best advice, both of which we can provide you with. We hope to speak with you soon!


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