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Monthly Archives: December 2014

    Indianapolis, IN – Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

    By Amanda Heard | December 30, 2014

    Winter in Indianapolis, IN has settled in and is here to stay for several more months. While the winter season is celebrated for the holidays, sweaters and scarves, and cozy nights curled up by the fire, this blustery season also brings along with it higher heating costs. Following these 5 simple steps will help to... Read More

    Carmel, IN – Is an ARM right for you?

    By Amanda Heard | December 25, 2014

    Fixed-rate mortgages are certainly the most popular choice for most Carmel, IN home-buyers, but, some borrowers do opt to take out an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM). ARMs were very popular prior to the housing crisis, but, they earned a negative reputation after wards. Many home-buyers found themselves in trouble when they did not understand exactly... Read More

    Fishers, IN – Don’t make these mortgage mistakes

    By Amanda Heard | December 23, 2014

    Picking out the perfect Fishers, IN home can certainly be a challenging task. Finding that dream home is only the first step though. You still need to ensure you are an attractive loan candidate and go through the whole mortgage approval process in order to purchase your home. Along the way in this tricky mortgage... Read More

    Indianapolis, IN – New Years Eve Events

    By Amanda Heard | December 18, 2014

    It is soon going to be time to ring in the New Year here in Indianapolis, IN. There is no shortage of things to do in and around Indianapolis at this time, here are a few of the most celebrated New Years events, for all ages. Enjoy! Indianapolis New Year’s Eve Masquerade Ball. Order your... Read More

    Indianapolis, IN – Easy Bathroom Renovation Ideas

    By Amanda Heard | December 16, 2014

    Did you recently purchase a new home in Indianapolis, IN and don’t love the bathroom or maybe your older home’s bathrooms could use a make over? You can change the entire look of your bathroom with minimal money but still net big impact. Here are a few renovation suggestions for your Indianapolis, IN home‘s bathroom... Read More

    Carmel, IN – Buying vs. Renting

    By Amanda Heard | December 11, 2014

    Are you currently renting and wondering if now is a good time to buy a home in Carmel, IN? Rents have been on the rise across the country and recent research by Zillow shows that renting is now half as affordable as buying in the US. With the steady monthly payment of a mortgage you... Read More

    Zionsville, IN – Preparing to Move into your Home

    By Amanda Heard | December 9, 2014

    When preparing to buy a home in Zionsville, IN, you often read about tips for choosing the right neighborhood, obtaining a mortgage, and structuring a competing offer. While these topics are quite important, we also feel it’s beneficial to inform home buyers about what to do after the paperwork is signed. Whether you’re a first-time... Read More

    Fishers, IN – Moving with Kids

    By Amanda Heard | December 5, 2014

    Moving into your new Fishers, IN home can be exciting or stressful, or both. If you are moving with children, you’ll need to consider their feelings during this process too. Depending on their age, the move may be exciting or scary. Here are a few tips to help smooth their transition to your new home.... Read More

    Indianapolis, IN – Holiday Events 2014

    By Amanda Heard | December 2, 2014

    Now that Thanksgiving has passed, we can now look forward to December and all the holiday fun included in this wonderful season. Indianapolis, IN is a city of tradition and the holiday season is no exception. Create new memories and start some new traditions this year. We’ve included some of our favorite holiday attractions and... Read More