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Monthly Archives: August 2014

    Geist Staging Professionals Can Make a Decisive Difference

    By Rodney Heard | August 29, 2014

    “If you are selling a Geist home this fall, engage a staging professional to make your house look its best.” If cost weren’t a factor, most everyone would agree with that advice. But is staging really worth the price? Can staging in Geist actually help you sell your home? Of course, without being able to... Read More

    Time-Savers for Buying a House in Noblesville

    By Rodney Heard | August 27, 2014

    According to last month’s National Association of Realtors® announcement, existing home sales are up across the U.S., at the same time that home inventories are on the rise. In Noblesville, it may point to a brisk fall market, with more prospective buyers deciding the time is right for buying a house. It’s true that a... Read More

    New Homeowners Should Factor in Indianapolis Home Improvements

    By Rodney Heard | August 25, 2014

    You’ve done it: found what’s soon to become your family’s new Indianapolis home! It’s in a great neighborhood…reasonable commute…decent kitchen (size is right; definitely upgradeable). All this and it fits the budget! Congrats! Looks like your housing hunt is over… YET…before you sign on the dotted line, there should be one last check-off. Factor in... Read More

    Hamilton County Virtual Tours Can Be Shot with Your Own iPhone

    By Rodney Heard | August 22, 2014

    A newly-updated NAR survey confirms that 51% of agents with smartphones use iPhones. This fact is hardly startling, since these phones have been such a boon to the real estate business. Today’s agent can use apps to quickly scan and electronically sign documents, instantly get property details for clients, access key boxes—it’s almost hard to... Read More

    Zionsville Luxury Home Sales Ramp Up for a Bustling Fall Market

    By Rodney Heard | August 21, 2014

    With summer drawing to a close (say it isn’t so!), it’s time to cast an eye towards the prospects for this year’s fall home sales market. Fall can be a great time to list a home, but it can be especially opportune for luxury home sales in Zionsville. It’s a season that traditionally brings out... Read More

    Alternate Programs Sometimes Aid Fishers First Time Buyers

    By Rodney Heard | August 19, 2014

    In an improving residential real estate market, first time buyers may flinch at the greater loan amounts that accompany larger price tags. Lending standards have also put some first time buyers through a tougher gauntlet than faced during many previous eras. Although some easing is now beginning to take place, some Fishers first time buyers... Read More

    Credit Score Overhaul to Affect Carmel Mortgage Outlook

    By Rodney Heard | August 18, 2014

    For any Carmel resident who has ever been stymied by seemingly arbitrary (or, put another way, nutty) lowering of his or her all-important credit score, next month’s beginning rollout of Fair Isaac’s new credit score model should be welcome news. It will be known as “FICO 9”—and promises to correct a few of the previous... Read More

    Zionsville Foreclosed Home Market Echoes National Trend

    By Mariya Jones | August 14, 2014

    If you’ve been following foreclosure news, you already suspect that cashing in on foreclosed home opportunities in Zionsville must be getting more difficult. According to CoreLogic’s Insights report at the end of last month, foreclosure inventory across the nation had dropped 35% from a year earlier. Whenever the number of available bank-owned homes shrinks, the... Read More

    Fishers Property Type Wording Shapes Buyer Expectations

    By Mariya Jones | August 13, 2014

    If you are preparing to sell your property in Fishers this fall, it’s worth considering what the marketing angle will be: how to characterize it most accurately—and appealingly. It starts with the choice of wording for your home’s property type, which will set up prospective buyers’ expectations before they come upon the more detailed description.... Read More

    Choose a New Westfield Home That Addresses Tomorrow’s Needs

    By Mariya Jones | August 12, 2014

    “At the end of the day…” “The bottom line…” “When all is said and done…” The final verdict on whether any activity is ultimately deemed a triumph comes down to how successfully it addresses future circumstances. It’s especially relevant when you find yourself at the outset of searching for a new Westfield home. That’s not... Read More